Timonwa Akintokun

Who exactly is Timonwa?

The Short Story

Hi! Call me Timonwa. I'm a/an

Software Engineer:

I have a passion for creating seamless user experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to user-centric design, I strive to bring creativity and innovation to every project I undertake, ensuring maximum user engagement and satisfaction.

Technical Writer:

I create world-class documentation that empowers users, fosters a seamless developer experience, and enhances accessibility to complex technical concepts. You can view some of my works on my blog.

OS Contributor:

I actively contribute to various open-source projects, including Tech Roadmap and Million.js. Building and maintaining TechRoadmap is one of my proud achievements. I believe in the power of collaboration and giving back to the community through open-source initiatives.

Tech Enthusiast:

In general, I am a volunteer in the tech community, mentoring, giving talks, and teaching in bootcamps whenever time permits me. You can view my volunteer activities on my experience page and my talks on my talks page.

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